Taking the necessary precautions to drive in the rain is essential for safety and can help you avoid an accident or getting stuck in inclement weather. Here are some tips from our team at Braden Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to help you stay safe while driving around Gallipolis, OH in wet conditions:

1. Slow down – Rainy roads create slick surfaces, so it's essential to slow down and allow more time to react if something goes wrong. Avoid tailgating and give yourself room between your car and the one ahead.

2. Use headlights – When you switch on your headlights, other drivers can more easily discern where you are and what direction you're going - plus, it's easier to make out the road ahead. This enhances visibility significantly in dimmer lighting, making journeying for all travelers much safer.

3. Be aware of standing water – When driving on wet roads, be aware of any standing water as it can lead to hydroplaning - a dangerous situation in which your tires lose contact with the road due to the rushing water. If you encounter such an obstacle ahead, slow down and exercise extra caution when passing through it.

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